Description: 'Wait a minute; you kinds have never been on a camp before?' - was the conclusion of the parents when they realized that they haven't gone camping since their kids were born. Well that sounds as a beginning of a wonderful adventure and a great way to get out of the city jam, the terrible pollution of the air and all that running, to get on time somewhere. Going camping this weekend will be an excellent way to forget all that and to relax completely, but also to teach the kids how to get along in nature since they have never been on a holiday that excludes hotels or private accommodations. That means they will all set up tends, collect some woods to set up a fire bring water from the near river with a bucket…but also that would be a great chance for family bonding because in those circumstances it is very important to stick together all the time and truly cooperate. We are sure that those kids will remember this weekend in nature as one of the best days in their life!
Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game.
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