Description: Who knows what is the best was to start a career for a young detective. Some may say that it is better to start with something easier, to learn the things and then get to a phase where he will be able to deal some bigger challenges. On other hand, some believe that starting with something harder will teach the young detective how to behave in uncertain situations and he will be prepared sooner to work the real work… And who knows what is expecting our young detective here. He has received a call from some people that are having complains about their neighbors. Actually they are not having neighbors since the house near them is abandoned but it seems like a group of people is gathering there every day and it’s making a terrible noise until it’s really late. The scared neighbors are starting to think that maybe it’s about ghosts since they haven’t seen anyone entering in the house for a long time but on other hand there is a chance that something more real and more suspicious is happening there. Maybe it is about some criminals or someone is doing a magic? They want to know what those people do, so they could feel safe in the neighborhood. Seems that the first task for our detective will be quite challenging and if he sees a ghost on the first day at work, he may decide quit his job… So are you willing to help this young guy?
Instructions: Use your mouse to play this game.
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